Technical Ignite: How to model a 3D TANK in ANSYS

Friday, 15 March 2013

How to model a 3D TANK in ANSYS

Creation of Model Involving Extrusion and Extruded Cut option using ANSYS(Extrude1, Extrude2, Subtract= Extrude1-Extrude2)

We are just going to model a Cuboid shape(By Simple Extrude option) and make it as a hollow one by Subtracting a smaller Extruded Cuboid from it.

Inputs Given

Type of Element : Brick Solid 45

Model Given :

First open the ANSYS Product Launcher as shown in the Screen Shot.
Start< All Programs< ANSYS Folder< ANSYS Product Launcher

*Note : You can also start the ANSYS by double Clicking the ANSYS Icon but by opening the ANSYS Program through ANSYS Product Launcher has many advantages like Setting of Working Directory and Setting JobName very easily. But the another method as specified latter will make the setting of working directory, JobName a little bit complex

STEP 1 : Now Set a working Directory and Set JobName as you like else type "TANK" and click run at the bottom of the Product Launcher Window.

STEP 2 : Click Preferences in the ANSYS Main Menu(Left Side tab with white background) and check the Structural checkbox and click OK

STEP 3:(Skip This Step if you don't want to analyse the model at present)
Setting the Element type:
Click Preprocessor< Element Type< Add/Edit/Delete and you will get a window like this.

After getting this window,click Add in the window and you will get another window.

Choose Solid under the Structural Mass Category and Pick Brick 8node 45 and Click on OK and Pick Close to exit the window.
(As shown in Picture above)

Go to Modelling in the ANSYS Main menu that is seen in the left side of the Screen and follow the Steps:

Create < Areas < Rectangle < By 2 Corners

A window as shown in figure will rise up. Just follow the values in the Picture (i.e.)

WP X = 0 (Fill as 0 or leave Blank)
WP Y = 0 (Fill as 0 or leave Blank)
Width = 10
Height = 5

And Pick OK

The result is a Rectangular Area with the Dimensions we entered.

Pick the Isometric view Icon from the Model Control Tool Bar as shown in the Picture below.

Go to Modelling< Operate< Extrude< Along Normal and you will get a window as shown in picture. Now Pick the Area by Left clicking on the area we have created and press Apply.

And now enter the value for Length of Extrusion as 10 and Pick OK

We are going to Create and Extrude a another rectangle with smaller dimensions in the reverse direction.

This step can be followed instead of Step 4 for the Creation of Extrude 

Go to Modelling in the ANSYS Main menu 

Click Create < Volumes < By Dimensions and Enter the values as shown in the Picture below:


X1= 1 X2= 9
Y1= 1 Y2= 4
Z1= 1 Z2= 10

And Click OK.

Now Right Click and Select Replot (Similar to Refresh in Windows OS)

The Output is a Smaller Cuboid enclosed inside a Larger Cuboid.

To see clearly, Just Select Lines from the Plot Tab on the Top of the window.

To return to the previous State, Select Volumes from the Plot Tab.

Now, Go to Modelling< Operate< Booleans< Subtract< Volumes

Now click on the Outer(Larger Cuboid) and press Apply and then Click on the inner cuboid and now press OK.

Now Right Click and Select Replot.

You are Done Now...

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